Immunology & Dermatology

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Foundations 1

UnitTopics & FrameworkTraditional TextbookHigh-Yeld: Tintinalli ManualMultimedia
Immuno / DermImmune System Disorders, Skin Emergencies

Approach to the Undifferentiated Rash
Rosen's: SLE and Vasculitides, Allergic Reactions, Derm Presentations 1527-1585

Tintinalli's: Allergic Reactions 74-79, Rheumatic Disease 1911-1921, Skin Disorders 1642-1680
River's: Rheumatic Disease, Allergic and Drug Reactions p786-796, Skin Disorders p832-854

Tintinalli Manual: Allergic Reactions 52-54, Dermatologic Emergencies 773-786, Rheumatic Disease 894-898
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Foundations 2

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UnitGeneral TopicsText-Based (ALL) Multimedia (FOAMed)
ImmunoAllergic Reactions, Transplant ComplicationsHarwood-Nuss:
Ch 175 p851-856Ch 176 p857-860

Critical Care Medicine:
Ch 28 p432-441

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Immuno Overview