Next Steps

Foundations of Emergency Medicine: A Bright Future

The Foundations curriculum is expanding this year from the original intern-focused Foundations of Emergency Medicine course to include higher level residents in an advanced Foundations II course.  EKG Fundamentals will also be expanding to the new EKG I and EKG II courses.  EM Foundations content is now the result of contributions from multi-institutional faculty and will continue to grow and improve yearly based on feedback and collaboration with other educational innovators.

2016-2017 Curriculum

  • Foundations of Emergency Medicine
  • EKG Fundamentals
  • 19 Institutions, Serving 334 Residents

2017-2018 Curriculum

  • Foundations I (PGY-1)
  • Foundations II (PGY-2/3)
  • EKG I (PGY-1)
  • EKG II (PGY-2/3)
  • Foundations Frameworks

2018-2019 Planned Curricular Innovations

  • Foundations III (PGY-3/4)
  • Imaging in EM
  • Procedures in EM
  • EM Intern Bootcamp (Orientation Course)