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“The success of the Foundations movement is wholly due to the innovative spirit of our Emergency Medicine leaders and learners and their willingness to experiment, contribute and grow.”

Kristen Grabow Moore, MD, MEd
FoEM Creator and National Director


In only three years, Foundations of Emergency Medicine has fundamentally changed how we teach resident physicians.  Our content has tripled.  Our contributors are nationwide.  Our movement has impacted more than half of EM residency programs across the country.

We remain committed to our mission of creating an open-access, collaborative and comprehensive curriculum.  We have and will continue to provide this for free.

Our focus now is on sustainability and growth.  To maintain the quality of our content and to invest in new ideas and new learners, we need your support.

Our grassroots effort is currently self-funded.  This year we’ll be creating an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We’ll be recruiting funding through organizational sponsorships and individual donations.

If you or your institution find value in our work and have the means to contribute financially, please consider making a donation.

If you are motivated to contribute your talent and time, please consider joining our leadership and development team.

Grow roots.  Stand tall.  Branch out.  This is how we cultivate learners in Emergency Medicine.


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